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Textile Workshops

Welcome to NWREN’s Textile Workshops Showcase! Here, we celebrate the rich tapestry of diverse voices, experiences, and cultures that emerged from our workshops, inspired by the principles of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan (ARWAP).

Over the summer  in 2023, our Stitched Stories workshops welcomed North  Wales participants of all skill levels to engage in the art and craft of textiles, creating a forum for dialogue, learning, and creativity. Each piece tells a unique story, challenges prejudices, and contributes to a broader understanding of inclusivity and respect.

In the  coming  months, we will share the stories and images gathered during the workshops through a series of galleries of these incredible creations. Each stitch, each thread, is part of a dialogue on racial equality, bearing witness to the transformative power of collective creativity, and experience how our participants have woven a path towards a more inclusive society through textiles.

Embrace the journey and stories that unfolded in our workshops. Let these pieces inspire you, educate you, and fuel your commitment to an inclusive and equitable Wales. Remember, every thread matters, and together, we can weave a tapestry of change.

Statement from Suzette Smart
Artist and Workshop Facilitator

As part of the Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us Project for NWREN / ARWAP, a suite of textile workshops were delivered to 10 groups of different ethnicities and heritage within North Wales by creative textile practitioner Suzette Smart. The NWREN team worked with established community connections to create and organise the different groups.
The outline brief was the same for each of the textile workshops but all responses were very much an expression of individual past histories and lived experiences told through the medium of fabric collage and stitching.

The work produced over the 10 month workshop period forms part of the Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us touring exhibition.

In preparation of the workshops, a set of woven fabrics in muted tones were prepared for each group / participant to use as the background for their collage.

A wide selection of textile fabrics were specifically sourced and chosen for individual groups to work with. The colours and patterns were selected for their connection to that group’s heritage and ethnicity and symbolism. These included new and repurposed materials.
The brief to each group suggested a personal input which might include personal fabrics, printed information and photographs.
Suzette prepared her own collaged story samples for inspiration and showed how the materials available might be used. The samples show plenty of stitched ideas too. There were demonstrations which showed how to build a collage and stitching ideas throughout the day.

The creative and mindful nature of these processes allowed for a natural storytelling in pictorial and written form to happen. Vanessa Fada, the Project Co-ordinator, worked alongside to record the accompanying stories in written form. The pictorial and written content are woven together and are a snapshot of the wide ranging histories and culture of the people of north Wales.

A group of women are working on a piece of paper.
North East Wales Chinese Women Association

4th April and 5th June, 2023

A group of like-minded Chinese Ladies having recognized a need to provide support to women within north Wales. Sharing cultures and fun. This community is their home within in their new home. Click the button to view the workshop photos.

A man in a gray hoodie sits at a white table, focused on writing notes with a pink pen. An artist's tray with smeared paint rests beside him, reflecting a creative workspace environment.
Bangor Afro Caribbean Association

11th April, 2023

Bangor Afro Caribbean Society strives to celebrate cultures from both Africa and the Caribbean. Embracing and celebrating different cultures. The aim is to provide a support network for African and Caribbean students during their time in Bangor. Creating a community for students to make everyone feel at home in Bangor. Bangor ACS is a means for students to be able to meet like-minded people that they can socialise with. Click the button to view the workshop photos.

A group of people standing around a group of people.
The Trinity Foundation

10th May, 2023

The Trinity Foundation is a non-profit institution that prepares promising Japanese young people for university study in an English-speaking environment. Training students predominately in English and core subjects related to their individual courses. Focusing on the application process for universities, in discovering and applying for scholarships, and in skills required for daily living. Continuing relationship with students throughout their university careers. Click the button to view the workshop photos.

A woman sitting at a table making a piece of fabric.
North Wales African Society

4th April and 5th June, 2023

The North Wales African Society (NWAS) is creating an accessible platform for the population of African diaspora in the north Wales with focus in the social, education and business areas. They create and host events centered on African themes and topics, educating about the African continent and facilitate business and revenue generating with activities in north Wales and on the African continent. Click the button to view the workshop photos.

Stitched Stories

thoughts from
Textile Workshop participants

"My name is Gbogboade which translates in English to ‘All the crowns’."

My name is Gbogboade which translates in English to ‘All the crowns’.
Whenever is doubt these words play in my mind. My lifestyle and beliefs all come from my
upbringing in Nigeria. From being president of the Afro Caribbean society to running an Instagram
page centred on hight performance of African talent. I bleed green, white green and will do
anything to let anyone know. – Gbogboade Akindele

"This is my story of when I experience racism."

I was walking and a man said ‘do I live in this country ‘, this was when I was
eight years old. The man was saying racist things to me, but my grandad was defending me. This
is my story of when I experience racism. 

Beyonce Obazee

"This story entails strength, struggle, success and hurt."

This story entails strength, struggle, success and hurt. It may look like a bunch
of colours and squiggles but growing up Haitian colours and squiggles are me! I grew up knowing
I was destined to go somewhere, though I did not know how to. This piece is my pathway, my
journey. Thos I have loved grown to love. This is also to those who I have let go my development
and the setbacks. It’s my frustration, joy, sadness, anger and contempt. A look into my mind with
pictures only can understand. To you I give the gift of myself.  

Sophia Williams


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