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Textile Workshops

The Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us textile workshop series launched in April 2023 in North Wales.  The workshops provided a unique  environment to weave together the principles of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan with the vibrant world of textiles. Our workshop galleries will be available shortly sharing participants’ stories  as they crafted unique narratives of inclusivity and unity, one stitch at a time.

North East Wales Chinese Women Association

4th April and 5th June, 2023

African Caribbean Association

11th April, 2023

The Institute of Japanese Studies

10th May, 2023

North Wales African Society

4th April and 5th June, 2023


25th August, 2023

Outside Lives

22nd and 25th September, 2023

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Stitched Stories

Welcome to Stitched Stories, a vibrant part of the Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us project, where textiles weave tales of diversity, unity, and resilience. Here, we showcase workshop participants’ unique textile pieces, each a canvas telling stories in the voice of those who made them, where creativity meets the principles of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan. Explore this tapestry of narratives, and discover how each stitch contributes to our collective journey towards a more inclusive and equitable Wales.

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The exhibition includes a series of short films produced by Lal Davies for Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us featuring members of the North Wales community including participants of the Stitched Stories  textiles workshops

Beginning in winter 2024 we launched our touring Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us Exhibitions. This dynamic showcase provides an opportunity to experience the compelling dialogue on inclusivity and equity expressed through an anti-racist community initiative. Visit our Exhibitions landing page to explore upcoming events, featured community participants, and unique pieces that constructively  contribute to the powerful conversation on racial equality.


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