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An Anti Racism Wales Initiative
coordinated by NWREN


Welcome to Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us.

We are united by a passion for social justice and anti-racist action in order to eradicate institutional and systematic racism.

The AntiRacist Wales Action Plan  ‘emphasises the importance of representing and reflecting the history and culture of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people to ensure that their contribution to Wales is recognised while enabling equal access and participation.’

In alignment with the principles of the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan, Pobl Fel Ni / People Like Us challenges race hate crime and racial discrimination. We are tackling this project from five different angles.

Filming – series of short films including, Legacies of Anti-Racist Activist Elders in North Wales, Lived Experiences and Documenting Stitched Stories
Website – access to resources, archives, films and photography – landscapes and people of north Wales
Exhibition – audio-visual, posters, textile creations and artefacts linking the history of north Wales with colonialism and slavery
Mobile Poster displays designed for the statutory authorities to reinforce current legislation and ARWAP
Workshops – community contributions creating Stitched Stories about culture, journeys home loss and much more

We must collectively and collaboratively work together to bring about change in order to improve outcomes for all, to better reflect and promote a vibrant and diverse Wales.

I’m delighted that Welsh Government has provided funding for this vital NWREN project through our Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan Culture Heritage and Sport Fund. I’m pleased to see a focus on capturing and documenting the positive contributions of Black, Asian and minority ethnic people to Welsh culture and heritage in north Wales, both from the past and present.

The online and physical resource documenting the cultural identity and heritage of ethnic minorities will provide invaluable learning. It will also provide, I’m sure, greater appreciation of the diverse communities in north Wales. We fully support the initiative, which will greatly benefit these communities and our educators too. The culture, heritage and sports commitments of our Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan aim to make a measurable difference to the lives of Black asian and minority ethnic people by tackling systematic and institutional racism. To achieve this, my colleague Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport has committed capital and revenue funding of a total of 4.5 million pounds over financial years 2022 – 25 to our support our national, local, regional cultural heritage and sports organisations. Thank you NWREN for taking forward one of the first projects funded by the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan Culture Heritage and Sport Fund. We look forward to seeing the resource once it’s completed. Diolch yn fawr – pob lwc!

Jane Hutt

MS: Minister for Social Justice and Chief Whip


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